Million Dollar Monday

First it was the luxury cars that some of the richest people couldn’t get enough of. More recently it seems as though owning a yacht is the next item to have.  What’s next? A submarine? One company has taken off with this idea that the world’s wealthiest would be interested in their own private luxury submarine! One such submarine (yet to be built) is called the Phoenix 1000 which has a price tag of $78 million! (no wonder it hasn’t been sold yet!)

— Phoenix 1000 —


When built, it would be the single largest private undersea vehicle that has ever been built! Who would have thought we’d be buying a submarine for leisurely travel! The inside of the sub measures around 5000 square feet (bigger than a lot of houses!) You could go from exploring the surfaces of the oceans and seas to getting a close-up view of what is below! It could travel at 16 knots, and of course another bonus is the fact that you wouldn’t have to battle the high seas when they get rough! Just submerging the sub down below the surface would take care of the waves. This sub also includes a “mini sub” on board for bring people to and from the ship.

— Seattle 1000 —


Another such luxury submarine is the Seattle 1000.  It is 118 feet long that has a twin deck arrangement, crew’s quarters, galley, living, and dining rooms! This one is a bit more affordable at $20 million.  If you don’t have the $20 million to purchase your own sub, you could take a 24 hour trip for $2500 per person. Absolutely insane!

If you’ve already been there, done that’ with the luxury car, and the yacht, I recommend you take your luxury toys to the next level with a personalized submarine, perhaps the Phoenix 1000– it’ll only set you back $78 million! ;)