Time Saving Tuesday

Here at CyberNet we are all about tweaking operating systems and applications until our little heart is content. That is, after all, one of the perks of having a computer of your own. Today we’ve got several free utilities that all serve a common purpose: tweaking Windows!

We have Storytellerofsci-fi to thank for tipping us off on these free apps. They are all created by the same developer, and I’m sure there will be at least one that will appeal to the geeky side of you. Let’s take a look at four of the different apps that are being offered

Note: All of these programs require a quick installation before being able to use them.

–Mz CPU Accelerator (Download)–

This is a clever little application that will give a higher priority to the foremost window on your computer. It figures that if a window is in front that you’re probably working with it, and the the Mz CPU Accelerator adjusts the priority level to a higher state so that the processor will give it more attention. Like I said, it’s pretty clever! Just tuck it away in your System Tray and you’ll never even have to look at it again.

Works with any version of Windows

Mz CPU Accelerator

–Mz Ultimate Tweaker (Download)–

This tweaking utility is only for Windows XP, and includes so many different things to configure that it will probably leave some of the savviest power users scratching their heads. A lot of the tweaks offered in this program are related to under-the-hood performance options designed to make your computer run faster. Don’t worry Vista users, the next application is for you!

Works with Windows XP only

(Click to Enlarge)
MZ Ultimate Tweaker

–Mz Vista Force (Download)–

As the name implies this tweaking utility is only for Vista, and it is bundled with all kinds of good stuff. Aside from being able to customize a lot of performance options it also has a Registry optimizer, startup manager, tweaks (such as disabling DRM in Windows Media Player), service manager, and more.

There are some pretty advanced configuration options in this utility, and you should try to figure out what each setting does before you go changing them.

Works with Vista only

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Mz Vista Force

–AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker (Download)–

Afraid that you’ll be overloaded by all of the configuration options available in the previous two applications? No problem, this will automatically configure your system to the best performance options according to your operating system, CPU, Internet connection, and computer usage. Just hit a button and it will do all of the dirty work for you. The CPU, hard drive, memory, graphics card, modem, Internet, and more will all be adjusted to the optimal settings.

Works with Windows XP & Vista

AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker