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I’m a pretty big fan of Wikipedia, and I visit there at least once a week.  Sure, the information isn’t always 100% accurate, but I think they do their best at keeping it a semi-reliable encyclopedia, and the tone is usually informational.

If you want the complete opposite of Wikipedia and a good laugh, checkout Uncyclopedia.  As they describe themselves, it’s “an encyclopedia full of misinformation and utter lies.” Sounds like a tabloid magazine, doesn’t it? It’s kinda like that, except better because it’s about topics that’ll probably interest you.

The very first I had heard of Uncyclopedia was in the CyberNet forum where Pieter cautioned readers saying “Warning: this site can decrease your productivity.” He also says that they’re politically incorrect, use sarcasm, and are actually funny. I couldn’t agree more, and that’s exactly the reason it’s enjoyable to go there and look around.

With over 23,347 different articles written in English that are open for anybody to edit, and knowing that the intent of the site is to be incorrect and sarcastic, there’s a lot of funny material that will keep you glued to your computer.

If you don’t know where to start, just go to Uncyclopedia and click “Random” in the left sidebar. You’re bound to find something that will give you a good laugh eventually. Below are some technology related topics and a small sample from the topic page for your enjoyment:

Windows XP : How to Secure Windows XP– 1.  Switch to Linux 2.  Yer…that’s it. 3. Put fireworks in your CD tray.


40 fun things to do at Best Buy #1 off of this list is (you really should read the whole list, it’s pretty entertaining):

When an employee approaches you to ask if you need help finding anything as if you’re freakin’ four or something, speak extremely broken English in third person with a low voice, except when you’re saying what you need, which you should say perfectly and in your normal voice. *Tip: make the thing you need very technical-sounding.* (i.e. “Hey, need help finding anything today?” “Ya, [your name] reeeely, reeely needzerz aerh bahnd nay-ewgeegoo HP Pavilion Laptop Computer witna ahbai Intel Dual-Core Processor. Undu makey itz cumpooortibuhb wiba Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition unsdper Microsoft Windows Vista Beta dooopoabgz *snorrt*.). It’s great.

Unnecessary iPod Accessoriesexamples:

  • iStink: The First iPod to Double as an iDeoderant.  Be prepared for unrelenting female attention and or late nights.
  • iVirus: Causes any iProduct to malfunction, displaying iSuck on the screen.
  • iBlind: All your favorite songs in braille.
  • iFart: What you lookin’ at?

Evil Empire – Google’s famous phrase is “Don’t be evil,” so it makes sense that by searching for Google, the returned result is “do you mean evil empire?” And by clicking on Evil Empire, it says “You may be looking for Google and not even know it.”


The examples above came specifically from their technology section, but they have any topic imaginable just like any encyclopedia would. One of the best ways to discover the best material besides the random feature listed above, is to use their “Best of” section. It’s their list of the best of the best.

Thanks Pieter for posting this in the Forum!

Visit Uncyclopedia – Have you come across some funny pages that you think others will get a good laugh from? Include it in the comments below!