Weekend Warrior

With the increased availability of USB peripherals, there has also been an increase in travel sized USB peripherals for those times when you’re on the go. When you’re traveling, there’s nothing more annoying than bulky accessories that take up your space.  Below you’ll find a few USB devices that just might make your travels a bit easier, or lighter for that matter.

–USB Laptop Travel Kit–

Brand: CTA Digital
Price: $35.99

USB Travel KitCTA Digital has put together a USB travel kit that’s small and compact with everything USB that you might need to make use of printers, digital cameras, external drives, you name it! Here’s what’s included in one compact case:

  • Ethernet cable
  • Retractable USB mouse
  • Four prong attachments for USB connection
  • Retractable USB cord
  • Retractable USB ear bud headphones

— Ultra Mini USB 2.0 Travel 4-Port Hub —

Brand: Targus

You never know when you’ll need another USB Port.  Targus has created an Ultra Mini USB 2.0 travel hub with 4 ports.  The image above gives you a good idea on just how ‘ultra mini’ this hub is.  Measuring in at about half the size of a credit card, it is perfect for travel! The hub is covered with an aluminum mesh case and has a transfer rate of up to 480 Mbps. It comes with a y-cable which you’d plug into your laptop or desktop, and then you’d have 4 extra USB slots available. No drivers are required!

  • Color: Black
  • Size: 4.3 x 4.4 x 0.9 cm
  • Weight: 28.4g


— AC Travel Charger (with USB Socket)

Brand: Proporta
Price: $18.95

This nifty device from Proporta allows you to charge most of your USB compatible devices from the standard AC wall power, and you can do it worldwide.  You’ll need your USB cable that you receive with iPods, Blackberries, etc., which then connects via USB to an AC charger. That means that you won’t need a slew of chargers when you travel! Instead you’ll only need the USB cables that come with all of your electronic toys. It will accept 100-240 volts AC and has click-in adaptors for around the world.

If you purchase the Proporta Essential Travel Bundle, you’ll also receive a car power supply which works the same way as the AC adapter. All you’ll need is your USB cable that came with the device you’re wanting to charge, and it will plug directly into the car supply. Price: $21.95