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I think it’s safe to say that most of us these days share and/or store different kinds of media like photos and videos, files, and webpages that we find interesting. There are multiple services out there that specialize in storing just your videos, just your photos, or just your bookmarks, but what if there was an all-in-one solution that you could use? One option that I’ve come across that stores everything for you is eSnips.

There are multiple reasons to use eSnips. If you want to share, back-up, or have a remote storage location for all of your “stuff,” you’ll want to check it out. On their website, they describe themselves as “the ONE place where you can share all your passions; your thoughts, photos, files, stuff you find on the web… and you control who you share it with and how.”


That last line about controlling who you share your content with and how, is important. eSnips allows you to choose whether you want your content public or private. You decide who you want to share it with, and how you want to share it which is nice for those of you who want to share some stuff, but not everything.


One way you can organize all of your content is through the use of folders.  You’re allowed as many folders as you could ever want or need, and you can set specifics for each folder on whether you want it public or private.  If there is just one folder that you’d like to keep private, no problem.

You can have a “song folder”, a “my favorite web sites” folder, or anything that you’d like!

Esnips photos


Now because you’re using eSnips as a place to store and share all of your favorite content and media, storage is important.  When eSnips first started, they only offered 1GB of free storage.  In terms of an online storage solution, that’s hardly anything these days.  Thankfully they bumped it up to 5GB of free storage that you’ll be able to use, which I’d say isn’t too shabby.

Sharing Content (photos)

RunslideshowIf you intend on sharing content, in particular photos, they recently added a slideshow feature.  Now there’s a “run slideshow” button above the files where you have photos so that you can click it to view all of those photos as a slideshow. You can get a link for the slideshow, or embed it on a blog or site, just like many photo sharing services offer. To start viewing a slideshow, look for the button pictured to the right.

Another recently added feature is the option to share your content.  Just a few days ago, eSnips partnered with a company called Zazzle who does custom printing on t-shirts, mugs, etc.  Any photo that you’ve uploaded can be printed.


Many of you are probably used to organizing content by using tags.  eSnips does utilize tagging so that you can tag all of the content and media that you upload so that it’s easy to find, and searchable.

They also make use of RSS, and a feed is available for just about anything.

Other features

  • Promote your content – eSnips will bring “like minded people who share your interests to you”
  • Share music, videos, flash files, content you find on the web, other media
  • File Uploader tool – use this to upload directly to the site, it makes it fast and easy
  • Toolbar – download their toolbar for a more complete eSnips experience

The mentioned uploader works with Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 1.0+, Mozilla 1.72+, and Netscape 7.x.

Media Storage? Bookmarking? Social Network?

eSnips to me, is media storage, a bookmarking service, and a social network all in one. It’s great as media storage because you can upload your pictures, videos, etc. It’s great as a bookmarking service because you can bookmark content you find on the web like an entire web page or a paragraph, and it’s a social network because you can join a social site based upon your interests.

Wrapping it up

If you like your media and files in one location, and prefer a service that offers the all-in-one solution that is quick and convenient, versus multiple specialized solutions with in-depth features, checkout eSnips!

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