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Voo2doo1There are many services available on the web to help you keep yourself organized. You could always use something like Google Calendar, or Google Notebook, or even something like Remember the Milk (simple task manager). But if you’re looking for something that’s a bit more complex, that’s where Voo2Do comes into play.

Voo2Do is a web-based (free) time management service that helps you get all of your projects and tasks done.  It’s been around for quite a while, and while I wasn’t particularly fond of the layout, it grew on me the more I used it.

This would be great for big projects where you have a complex task list.  You can track lists, assign a priority to each, and assign due dates.  Another helpful feature allows you to take a guess at how much time it will take you to complete the project so that you can budget your time accordingly.

Collaboration is a popular Web 2.0 concept that many web-based services offer. Voo2Do is no different, and allows multiple users to view and change the items on the to-do lists. They make good use of Ajax so that everything flows smoothly.


I decided I’d create a to-do list, so I started out by creating a new “context.” Contexts are groups of projects and tasks.  For example, you could create a work context, and a home context.  Each context will have projects, and each of those projects will have tasks.

There were two different contexts that I wanted to include, CyberNet and Home. Under CyberNet, I created a project called “CyberNotes” and then each of the tasks under CyberNotes included the daily articles that I am responsible for.


Initially, it took time to get the hang of things, but after understanding that there are contexts, projects, and tasks within, it was easier to use. One thing you’ll have to remember is to click save after you’ve changed something, otherwise it won’t.  That’s probably my only real complaint.  While it does prompt you to save if you’re leaving the page, it would be nice if changes automatically saved.

By listing every task for each project, and estimating how much time it will take, the entire process will be easier for you.  I like that you can add tasks via email, and I also like that you can add notes to each of your tasks.  The Dashboard is your control panel where you can see all of your tasks at a glance, and the tasks that are overdue show up in red.


Overall, I thought Voo2Do is a good web-based solution for keeping track of everything that you need to do, but also for planning out projects and all of the tasks that come with. At times it was confusing to use, but the more you use it and play around with it, the easier it will be.