Time Saving Tuesday

Just last week I finally decided to sit down and get a little more organized by setting up my Google Calendar. I started scheduling everything but I quickly got frustrated going back and forth between my calendar homepage and the “Create Event” page. I knew about the Quick Add feature but I hadn’t experimented with it so I decided to figure out how I could use it to schedule almost anything.

I originally thought that it would only recognize simple phrases like their “Dinner with Michael 7pm tomorrow” example but I soon realized that it is really powerful. Here are some examples on how you can use it:

  • Volleyball at 5pm — Schedules the event for present day unless the time has already passed, then it will schedule it for the next day.
  • Bank holiday 8/14 — All-day event.
  • Staff meeting next Monday at 13:00 — One hour event.
  • Running w/ Pat 2:15 tomorrow for 45 minutes — Specify the length.
  • Running w/ Pat 2:15 – 3 pm tomorrow — Specify the start/end time.
  • National Conference 9/23 – 9/26 in Atlanta — Multi-day.
  • Lunch at Charlie’s tomorrow noon — Add someone to the guest list.
  • Call New York at 3 pm EDT — Specify the time zone.
  • Lunch with John at “Taco Tuesdays” Friday 12 pm — Place quotations around the name of a place to prevent the Quick Add from interpreting the name as a date/time.

Scheduling reoccurring appointments with Quick Add:

  • Meeting at work every Monday at 2pm — Repeats Weekly. 
  • Tennis practice Tuesday 7pm to 9pm weekly — Repeats Weekly. 
  • Dinner at Mom’s on the first Tuesday of every month — Repeats Monthly.
  • Manicure on 9/1 every month — Repeats Monthly.
  • Mom’s birthday June 19 yearly — Repeats Yearly.
  • Wedding anniversary July 3 yearly — Repeats Yearly.
  • Baseball Game every Thursday for 10 weeks — Repeats weekly for a specified duration.
  • Language Class every Wednesday 7-8pm for 5 months — Repeats weekly for a specified duration.

If you love the Quick Add feature you may want to think about getting the Firefox extension that will make it even easier to get the Quick Add box. You won’t have to load up the Calendar once you have the extension, instead you just need to press Ctrl+; (that is Ctrl+semicolon) and the Quick Add box will popup right away!

Source: Google Help Center