Million Dollar Monday

You may have seen this on Discovery Channels Future Cars, it’s the Venture One Hybrid and Electric Motorcycle with a cool style, and great mileage to boot .  With a cost rumored to be around $18,000 to $23,000, it could potentially be an affordable option to take to the roads.


VentureOneWhile it may look like a car, it’s actually considered to be a fully-enclosed motorcycle because it has three wheels instead of four. And just how motorcycles are able to lean into their turns, this vehicle is able to lean from side to side when you turn.  The technology comes from Carver Engineering, and the front half of the car tilts to counterbalance centrifugal force. With the rear wheels staying put, motion sickness would be limited.

VentureOneThe VentureOne will come in three different flavors, a 50KW plug-in hybrid which fits into the 350 mile range, a 100KW hybrid which fits in under the 300 mile range, and the 40 KW electric model which fits in under the 120 mile range. Hybrid models are ethanol compatible and could be charged from a 100–volt outlet. Each of these cars are said to achieve an impressive 100 miles per gallon. The vehicles are actually pretty powerful.  For example, the 100 KW version would be able to go from 0–60 in less than 5 seconds.

Currently, it’s expected to hit the roads sometime in 2008, but it doesn’t yet actually exist. While it looks cool, there are definitely a few things to consider like safety.  How would this car/motorcycle hold up in a crash? According to the website for VentureOne, they say that the vehicle will be designed to meet, or exceed Federal safety standards for automobiles. What about the size? With only two seats and a limited space, will the driver and passenger be comfortable.  And, because this is considered a motorcycle, would drivers need to hold a motorcycle license to operate it?

VentureOneThese days, everybody wants all of the fancy extras in a car like navigation and entertainment options.  The VentureOne would come with GPS navigation, cruise control, HVAC, and personal entertainment, like a hook-up for your iPod.

Oh, and don’t worry about tipping over.  The VentureOne has a reinforced roll-cage construction and both front and side impact protection. Pair that with a “highly efficient passenger restraint system” and the fact that they say it’s 33 times safer than a motorcycle, and you’ve got nothing to worry about. :)

With its’ good looks, and great mileage, if it does hit the market next year, it shouldn’t have a problem selling. It’s innovative, and clever which isn’t something we’ve seen too much from the car industry lately.

Source: TreeHugger