Free for all Friday

Missed a season of your favorite show? Want to “try” out a TV series before you buy the whole season on DVD? Don’t have a TV, but have highspeed Internet? I’ll stop there, but the excuses/reasons for using Peekvid are probably endless. Peekvid is a website with over 20,000 movies, TV shows, cartoons, and the like. It looks like it aggregates videos from YouTube and DailyMotion, and just makes it a more organized index of the popular, most wanted selections.  There are definitely some legal issues here, like copyright infringement, but we’ll get to that later.

So, what about quality. Well, you’ve probably seen YouTube videos before and know that they are far from high quality.  While it’s not the best, you can probably overlook the quality for the free content. Illegal content, but free content.  And just like any other movie that you’d watch over the Internet, you’ll need broadband Internet to get the best experience. And you thought BitTorrent was bad! No need to download videos, it’s all right there for you.

You’re probably thinking that Peekvid won’t be around for much longer. Afterall, anytime something like this surfaces and gets attention pointed at it, the MPAA is all over-it. But I’ll point out,  this site has been around for quite some time.  In fact, it made the front page of Digg over 250 days ago. Yes, 250 days ago and the MPAA still hasn’t managed to get the site taken down. So, as with any illegal site, this may not be around for long. Test-drive a season of 24, or Prison Break (before you buy the season of course) while you can :)

Back to the legal issues.  While trying to gather up as much information as I could, I wasn’t able to pinpoint where the site is located.  I came across some sources saying Australia, and several saying the Netherlands.  If it were by chance the Netherlands, here’s a possible reason why it’s still around: