Weekend Warrior

When you’re going on a vacation, you’re certainly not going to leave home without all of your tech toys. You know, the GPS (if you’re driving, you’ve got to get there, right?), camera, PDA, MP3 player, and the list could go on and on. Many vacations include some sort of water from swimming and snorkeling to surfing and kayaking. If you plan on taking some of these electronic devices in or near the water, it’s important to keep them protected from the water. There are a few different options like bags, casings and housings to keep your gadgets waterproof. This article will point out some of the best waterproof solutions for all of your toys.

Simple, Affordable Solutions

First we’ll start with the simple, more affordable solutions. I came across a website called They have a wide variety of ‘aquapacs’ to fit all of your gadgets. Their method uses an ‘aquaclip’ to keep the aquapacs free of water.
If you’re bringing along a phone or a GPS, Aquapac has bags ranging from mini to large to fit either device. Each of the phone/GPS pacs will run around $25.00. It is guaranteed submersible up to 15 feet, and can float if dropped in the water. The casing is a thin malleable material so that you can still operate the device through the case. Pretty convenient.

Aquapac also has a good solution for MP3 players and PDA’s. It’s the same type of pac and technology mentioned above, with the only difference being the way they fit the device. There’s a pac designed specifically for iPods (could be used for other MP3 devices) that will run around $50.00. It features a clear front panel so that you’re still able to use the click wheel. Another important feature is the built-in external headphone jack. Additionally, if you’re using a PDA they offer great solutions for a classic PDA, one with an expansion slot, or a PDA Wallet. You’re even able to use the stylus just as usual through the window of the case, plus it has a stylus holder.

There are lots of other different options for these Aquapac’s in terms of their use. You can find them for cameras, video cameras, and other multi-purpose pacs which leads me to the next topic, cameras.

Customized, More Expensive Solutions

Nowadays so many people are getting into taking underwater pictures. You could always use a disposable waterproof camera to get the job done, however pictures don’t always turn out crisp and clear. Another solution is to use your own personal camera and just find a custom fit casing or housing that will fit it just right. If you’re using your own fancy camera, you’d still want access to some of the important buttons. What’s great is the customized casings and housings give you access to all of the important buttons you’d need to operate your camera! These custom made solutions can’t get any better, and because of that, it will cost you more.

The first place you’d want to check for a casing or housing is the camera’s manufacturer like Olympus or Sony. Both of these maker’s offer a custom perfect fit waterproof solution for some of their models. Another really great idea is to check out a website called If you’re into underwater photography, this website is a ‘must see.’
Aquatica has quite the extensive line of housings for digital and video cameras. The custom fit housings they make are just what you need for the perfect underwater photos. One example of this is a custom fit housing for the Fuji S2 camera. With this particular housing you’re given fingertip access to all of the important camera controls. The housing for this camera uses an optical glass viewfinder to give the biggest and brightest image in full frame viewing to your eye. With this housing, your camera is safe up to 300 feet. All controls are in easy reach, and there are aluminum form fitting grips so it’s easy to hold on to. This is just one example of a customized housing, Aquatica has lots!

Housings such as the one made for the Fuji S2 camera can run over $1,000! It’s not cheap, but the difference in quality with the pictures you’d receive verses using a disposable underwater camera is unbelievable! From more affordable solutions to the customized pricey solution, either way, there’s a way to keep your gadgets safe for use in the water.