Fun Friday

There have been great inventors over time who’ve come up with some pretty amazing inventions.  Topping the list would be modern plumbing, the printing press, the telephone, computers, automobiles, and more.  Each of those inventions will go down in history as truly changing the way we live as a society.  While there may be list upon list of influential inventions, today’s Fun Friday takes a look at those that probably won’t be remembered 50 years from now. Some of them are actually real, others aren’t…

Pogo Shoes

pogo shoes

Automatic Toilet Night Light

light up toilet

Wedgie-Proof Underwear

wedge proof underwear

Life Expectancy Watch

time watch

Super Trash Man (bag attached to his back!)

trash bag

Give Yourself a Pat on the Back (for when no one can do it for you)

pat on back


surf n surf

Pro Thumb Wrestling

thumb wrestling

Geek Gear Helmet

geek gear

Motorcycle Airbag

motorcycle airbag

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