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Read this to find out how you can get a free license key for MojoPac… we have 2 to give away!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take your computer with you no matter where you are? If you have a laptop, this isn’t so difficult, but when you rely on a desktop computer, this becomes an issue.  It’s always nice to have all of the applications that you want, the music that you like, and of course all of your important documents, files, and settings. Of course there are the portable apps, but what about your documents, or your music library?  Being able to take your computer with you no matter where you are isn’t so difficult with the use of MojoPac.  MojoPac makes use of devices such as an iPod, USB Drive, or any other USB 2.0 storage device to bring your applications and documents with you no matter what computer you’re on. There is bound to be a use for MojoPac for anyone; from the student to the professional.

–What is MojoPac–

MojoPac acts as it’s own PC which means that once you install it, you’ll need to install all of the applications on top of Mojo that you’re wanting to use. The Mojopac website offers a great demo that gives you an idea of what to expect while using it.  Using Mojo gives you the portability of a laptop and allows you to have your applications, settings, and data with you no matter what computer you’re using. Besides acting as a portable computer, there are other versatile uses for MojoPac.  If you share your PC, this is a great way to have your personalized setup at all times.  This would mean that your browser settings, files, etc. would remain as you always had them.

When using your iPod, you’re able to install iTunes and QuickTime so that you can download your favorite songs and Podcasts. You don’t have to be on just one computer to have access to your iTunes account (but you will need to have a copy of the songs on the storage device in order to synchronize them with your iPod as well). If you’re at work or school and you’d like to download a song, no problem! Another awesome idea is to use it as your personal PC backup.  You never know when your computer might crash, and your files are gone for good.  MojoPac would serve as a reliable back-up. If you’re big into gaming, you can install your games and have them with you at all times, ready to play on any computer. If you typically use your laptop, and the battery has died, you can take your USB 2.0 portable device and move to another computer to continue your work.

They have created a list of applications that will most likely work well with MojoPac.  It is divided into categories with a good list of apps in each category. Of course, there are others that potentially will work, however these are the tested applications.  The categories with a sample of applications are:

  1. Business and Productivity (Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop)
  2. Games (World of Warcraft, Warcraft III, PartyPoker Client)
  3. Communication and Instant Message Clients (AIM, Google Talk, Trillian)
  4. Browsers (IE6, Firefox 1.5, Opera 9)
  5. Multimedia Applications (iTunes 6&7, Windows Media Player, Winamp 5)
  6. Photo and Graphics Editing (Picasa, Flickr Uplodr, AutoCAD 2007)
  7. Email Clients (Outlook 2003, Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5)
  8. Developer Applications (MySQL 5.0, Visual Studio 2003)
  9. Security (Anonymizer, Spybot, Ad-Aware Personal SE 1.06)
  10. Miscellaneous (Yahoo Widgets, Google Earth, Nero 7, Microsoft Streets & Trips 2006)


Currently, they are offering a free download trial to get a taste of what MojoPac is all about. The product is free to use for 30 days or 200 boots- whichever comes first.  The trial can then be converted into the licensed version after you make the purchase and enter in the product key. Pricing is as follows:

  • Holiday Special: $29.99 for one license, up to three additional licenses for $14.99 each.
  • Regular Pricing: $49.99 for one license, up to three additional licenses for$24.99 each.

Licensing is per USB 2.0 storage device.  That means that if you’re wanting to use it for an iPod and a USB Drive, you’ll need two different licenses.

The holiday special is really a great deal, and if you’re interested, you may want to buy now before it goes back to regular pricing.

— System Requirements —

Alright, so what are the system requirements? First, you’ll need your USB 2.0 storage device. If you’re wanting to use an iPod, essentially any of the latest iPod’s will work.  The exception to this is the iPod shuffle, you’ll be out of luck with this device. If you’re using a USB hard drive, you’ll need a top-tier high performing drive.  They recommend Seagate, Western Digital, or Hitachi brands. When using a USB Flash Drive, they recommend Memorex, Sandisk, OCZ, or Lexar.  You must be using USB 2.0, otherwise Mojo won’t work.

The minimum storage that you will need is 128MB.  However, you’ll have to keep in mind what you’re installing and how much room that will take up.  For example, if you’re using Microsoft Office 2003, you’ll need 600 MB alone for that.  They recommend a 2GB device or larger.

For the Host PC that you’ll be using, it will need to running Windows XP (Home/Pro (sp1, sp2), Media Center Edition (2003, 2005) or Tablet PC). They also recommend 512MB of Ram, although 256MB could get you by.

— Security —

One of the first things I thought about when I read about Mojopac was security. If I’m placing all of my important documents onto a shared computer at work, school etc., I want to be sure that it will be secure.  Mojo appears to have thought this all through! First of all, it is password protected which means that if you were to ever lose your device, a password would be needed get access to your information. More importantly, anything that you have on your MojoPac will not be stored on the Host PC that you’re using. This includes settings, documents, etc. They also offer protection from viruses with a “layer of isolation.”  If you’re hopping from computer to computer, you never know what type of virus protection they use, if any.

— In a Nutshell–

Mojopac gives you unbelievable portability with the capability to take your applications, settings, and data with you to any device no mater where you are.  Your data is never left behind, and all of your applications and files are password protected to keep everything secure.  System Requirements are pretty basic which makes this accessible to anyone that has a PC operating on XP. If you’re interested, take advantage of their holiday special and save $20.00! Whether you’re a student, parent, or a professional, there is bound to be at least one way you can use MojoPac.

How to get your FREE license for MojoPac!

We are fortunate enough to have 2 license keys for the complete version of MojoPac that we can’t wait to give-away! All you have to do is tell us in the comments below why it would be useful for you…that shouldn’t be difficult! We’ll randomly pick two people that submitted a “legitimate” response (just saying “I want it!” is an example of what not to do). It doesn’t need to be long, we only expect a sentence or two. The winners will be announced on Wednesday morning (December 27) after the holiday rush has slowed down a bit.

Remember to include your email address in your comment. This is how we will send you the license key (we already have them, ready to give-away!).

MojoPac Homepage
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