Web Browser Wednesday

Over time I have had countless encounters with people who ask what Firefox extensions that I use, whether it be people from this site or simply friends that I am trying to convince to start using Firefox. I love telling people what I use but I am also curious what other Firefox users have installed.

I actually have separate Firefox profiles based upon the task that I am currently doing. For example, I have a web development profile that has extensions installed that I use only when I am creating or modifying websites. However, there is one profile that I consider to be my primary one which is what I use the most.

Firefox 2 was officially released yesterday and I am pleased to say that all of the extensions that I use in my primary Firefox profile have been made compatible. Most of them were updated when Firefox 2 was still in the Beta stage but there were still a few stragglers that were just updated in the last week or so.

To make it easy to share the extensions that others and myself use I decided to use Zoho’s poll system. It allows me to embed the poll within my site and also allows me to add more extensions as users point them out. So if have an extension that you would like added to the list then just leave a comment and I’ll go ahead and add it.

You can vote directly on the form below by selecting how many stars you think the extension deserves OR you can view a full-screen version of the poll here. Each extension is also hyperlinked to the homepage for those people who want to download them.