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Over time I have had countless encounters with people who ask what Firefox extensions that I use, whether it be people from this site or simply friends that I am trying to convince to start using Firefox. I love telling people what I use but I am also curious what other Firefox users have installed.

I actually have separate Firefox profiles based upon the task that I am currently doing. For example, I have a web development profile that has extensions installed that I use only when I am creating or modifying websites. However, there is one profile that I consider to be my primary one which is what I use the most.

Firefox 2 was officially released yesterday and I am pleased to say that all of the extensions that I use in my primary Firefox profile have been made compatible. Most of them were updated when Firefox 2 was still in the Beta stage but there were still a few stragglers that were just updated in the last week or so.

To make it easy to share the extensions that others and myself use I decided to use Zoho’s poll system. It allows me to embed the poll within my site and also allows me to add more extensions as users point them out. So if have an extension that you would like added to the list then just leave a comment and I’ll go ahead and add it.

You can vote directly on the form below by selecting how many stars you think the extension deserves OR you can view a full-screen version of the poll here. Each extension is also hyperlinked to the homepage for those people who want to download them.

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  1. my personal favorites:
    All-in-One Sidebar
    CSSViewer (not yet compatible with 2.0)
    Fitt’s Back Button (not yet compatible with 2.0)
    Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer
    Gmail Manager
    Html Validator
    IE Tab
    PDF Download
    Screen grab!
    Tab Mix Plus
    View Source Chart
    Web Developer

  2. Okay, I think I got all of them. Thanks for the list!

  3. Adblock Plus
    Google Sync
    Cutemenus – Crystal SVG

  4. Thanks to Fx 2.0, most of my extensions are now unneccesary. The rest got wiped out due to incompatibility. However, the following still make the cut

    and FireFTP

  5. My favorites

    Mouse Gestures.
    Tab Mix Plus.
    Minimize To Tray.
    Organize Status Bar.

    I try to keep very little extentions to speed up startup time :)

  6. I just added the ones that weren’t already on the list.

  7. flashblock is the best;
    it is a quick and easy way to deal with all those moving and jumping adverts, for the sites you like: use the whitelist;

    aardvark is good to take them out completely;

    and do not forget the right click on an ad and selecting “block images from ………”; nobody ever talks about that and it is sooooo easy;

  8. My absolute favourite is OpenDownload. It allows you to open any file directly without permanently saving the file, just like ol’ IE allowed you to do.

  9. Okay, got those added too…make sure everyone goes back and votes. They are sorted in the order that I add them so you should be able to scroll down to where you left off.

  10. Hmm, my extensions? Let’s see:, BugMeNot, ConQuery, Coralize, CustomizeGoogle, CuteMenus2 (there’s no support for this anymore),, Dictionary Tooltip, Download Statusbar, Drag and Drop Upload (for Gmail), Gmail Manager, Google Bookmarks Button, Google Calender Notifier, Google Notebook, Google Toolbar, Greasemonkey, Hyperwords, MenuEditor, NoScript, Screengrab, Tab Mix Plus, Tab Preview, VideoDownloader, Yahoo! Mail Notifier, Yahoo! Toolbar, FEBE/CLEO, Resurrect Pages, Digg This Toolbar, TinyURL Creator, Map , Platypus, Wikipedia Lookup, ForecastFox Enhanced, Dr.Web Anti-virus Link Checker, AllPeers, Tab Sidebar, Stylish, ResizR, CacheViewer, Show Image, QuickRestart, Skype Toolbar, and last but not least, Roboform Toolbar. (there are about 10 more that are disabled because I don’t use them often)

    Hello, my name is Max, and I am an extensionaholic. :)

    And I think some of the links in that poll are broken.

  11. Here’s a few of my favorites,

    [] – helps you to save Web pages and manage the collection. Ryan, I think you would like this one.

    [] – Firefox Extension Backup Extension

    [] – A weather extension for Firefox

    [] – notifies you when updates are available for your extensions and themes.

    These are just the extensions I haven’t seen on the poll yet. Most of what I use is already listed.

    Kevin Fonda
    Compuwiz Consulting
    Manasquan, NJ

  12. Those FF extensions are real cool & handy, Ryan :-)

    And thanks for using Zoho Polls! Cehck out the other Zoho apps at []

  13. []~dave/web/firefox/nightly

    Essentially, it’s for build testers. I renabled one of my extensions that didn’t quite work right (color tabs), without glitches. I recommend it, especially for the meantime if your extensiosn aren’t updated yet.

  14. Okay, got some more added…but Max’s was a little overwhelming so I only did a few of his. Otherwise I would have probably passed out! Extensionaholic is an understatement! :D

  15. Deskcut, Fasterfox and IEView are my faves. Fasterfox is the one that needs v2.0 compatibility. I won’t upgrade otherwise.

  16. Here are my Fx necessities:

    cooliris previews (thanks to you for pointing it out)
    IE tab
    menu editor

    I also try to keep as few ext’s as possible to keep my profile running well.

    *Also, nightly tester tools is good for what it does, but I later found out I could force “incompatible” extensions to work with the extensions.checkcompatibility about:config pref, so I gave it the boot!

  17. When I install firefox these are the extensions that I can’t live without

    All-in-One Gestures
    Adblock plus
    Gmail manager

    Then I normally install StumbleUpon and Complete but these are “Nice-to-have”

  18. Good list. Most of my favorite extensions are on it. I don’t always use the same ones, so it’s hard to say which are “must haves.” My dev machines have Web Developer, IE Tab, and HTML Validator. My non-home machines have GMail Manager and FireFTP. I also use LiveClick, an extension that adds a few features to live bookmarks; I really like that one, but I also developed it, so I’m kinda biased.

    One minor nitpick: some of the links in the poll aren’t working. It looks like the ones pointing to are missing a colon.

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