Fun Friday

I think it’s safe to say that many of you who are reading this right now consider yourself a geek and you couldn’t be more proud. Today we’re asking what kind of geek are you, and I think Scott Johnson’s 56 Geeks Project will help you answer that question.  He designed all of these geeks after a sketch or two inspired him to come up with as many geeky stereotypes as he could. He ended up with 56 different ones, and I must say, they are so creative. I included 10 of the geeks I thought you guys would be able to relate to best, but check out his entire collection. Obviously he put a lot of work  into this, so if you want to support him, you can order your own geeky prints from his site. So what kind of geek are you?

Nintendo Geek

nintendo geek

Portable Geek


Apple Geek

apple geek

Linux Geek

linux geek

Code Geek

code geek

Transformers Geek

transformers geek

Engineer Geek

engineer geek

Electronics Geek

eletronics geek

Podcast Geek

podcast geek

Photo Geek

photo geek

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