Fun Friday

There are thousands and thousands of semi-trucks on the road everyday that pass car after car full of people. Given that, there’s no doubt why some companies use their trucks to advertise. A company in Germany decided to run a competition to find the best original application of graphic art to a transport truck, and below you’ll find the winners. They’re all pretty amazing, but I must say that the 1st and 2nd place trucks are definitely my favorite.

7th Place

truck 1

6th Place

truck 2

5th Place

truck 3

4th Place

 truck 4

3rd Place

truck 5   

2nd Place

truck 6

1st Place

truck 7

Aside from the competition, there are some other great designs out there as well…

truck 8 truck 0  truck9 truck11

Source: CyberNet Forum (Thanks Al and Max!)