Million Dollar Monday
CyberNotes: World's Largest Plasma TV!

Each year plasma TVs keep on growing, and growing.  The anual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is where it is all revealed! I have yet to see this in stores! If you missed it when it was revealed previously at  CES in 2005 , check it out! At the time it was said to be the World’s largest Plasma TV– made by Samsung with a 102-inch display! Can you even imagine watching tv on a screen that is bigger than you (not to mention how heavy it must be)? I can’t! I haven’t heard much about the mammoth plasmas making it to retail stores which makes me wonder just when (or if) they will be available for purchase.

As expected, Samsung’s competition didn’t want to feel left out of the game.  As the saying goes, bigger is better (although not always true), Panasonic has developed a 103″ inch display to inch (literally) ahead of Samsung. This was revealed at the CES in 2006. At what point does big get… too big? With the 80 inch plasma carrying a price tag of more than just a few thousand, can you imagine the chunk of change a 102 or 103 inch would cost? Insane. Here you can actually purchase an 84 inch plasma display made by Orion– model PK-8401 for around $30,000.

Each year at the highly anticipated CES, I can imagine we will continue to see something just a bit bigger than the previous year unveiled. For now, Samsung has given up their title of World’s largest and has passed it on to Panasonic. Who gets the title next? Eventually there will be no need for paint or wallpaper– we will have TV’s to cover an entire wall! Now that… is big.