Million Dollar Monday

Undoubtedly, iPods are one of the most well known, widely used tech gadgets available. With all of the recent hype over the next generation iPods that were announced last week, I thought I’d put together a list of some of the most expensive iPod accessories you can find. In order from the least expensive to the MOST expensive, CyberNet’s top 6  are:

iPod Jukebox

1.  iPod Jukebox Station: Retail Price – $700.00

  • The iPod Jukebox Station will be the perfect docking cradle for your iPod.  It has the capability to connect to a TV or a screen (perfect for that video iPod), and comes with a remote control.  This jukebox wouldn’t be complete without the retro neon lights. It will be available at starting on October 2nd.

2.  Numark iDJ2 iPod Mixing Console System with Scratch and Pitch Control: Retail Price – $899.99

  • The iDJ2 system is the latest innovative docking system that will allow users to play two songs simultaneously from one iPod without the use of a computer. It features the ability to scratch music, control pitch, and offers seamless looping.  You’re able to record to an iPod or even another connected USB media device.  You can purchase this device and view a complete list of available features here.

3. Hammacher Schlemmer Studio-Quality Triode-Tube iPod Speakers: also labeled as the most expensive iPod speakers. Retail Price – $3,999.95

  • According to their website, “superior analog technology all but list in today’s common digital electronics, this is the first tube-based iPod speaker system, producing a luxurious warmth and clarity prized by audiophiles and previously difficult to reproduce outside of custom-built amplifiers of a handful of live musicians.” Also interesting to note is that apparently people don’t mind forking out $4,000 for iPod speakers. Their website says they’re sold out due to the popularity of the item!

iPod Case

4. Diamond iPod Case: Retail Price – $12,495

  • Not only will you get a diamond iPod case with over 580 diamonds, you’ll also receive a 4GB iPod Nano. What a deal! :) You may have seen this case on display around the United States from February to July this year for the International Gem & Jewelry Show, Inc.  The diamonds total 10.32 carats set on 14K white gold. If bling is your thing, you can check out their website to place an order.

5. Cars with iPod integration: Retail Price — Prices vary depending on whether you’re getting a small sedan or a top of the line luxury vehicle! [Via CNN]

  • Integrating iPods into cars isn’t something just for the rich anymore.  You can find it in many of  the latest 2006-2007 models.  Mercedes-Benz was one of the first automakers to incorporate the iPod integration and since then many other automakers have followed (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, etc.). According to CNN, 40 percent of cars sold in the United States this year will have the iPod integration offered as one of the hottest accessories to have. Additionally, Acura has plans to incorporate a voice-recognition system to control the iPod.

6. The most expensive, deadliest iPod accessory ever: Britain’s HMS Daring warship! [ Via: Podcasting News] Price: A lot!

  • I can only imagine what the cost of the HMS Daring was.  It could be considered as the most expensive, and deadliest iPod accessory ever.  Believe it or not, this warship has living quarters for the crew with each room including an iPod charging point (as well as other cool features like a CD player, Internet access, and five channel recreational audio). It is certainly 14 decks of the latest technology! Who knew you’d see an iPod accessory integrated into a warship?

This list could go on and on because the accessories are endless! In 2005, 700 million dollars worth of accessories were sold.  It is expected that in 2006, accessory sales could reach $1.5 billion. This is for accessories alone! Options are endless, and prices appear to be too. I can only imagine what will be next! [Via: CNN]