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Years ago, it was usually the millionaires, executives, and celebrities that were chauffeured around in fancy limousines, too busy to drive a car for themselves. Today, there are a plethora of different styled limousines that can be rented for a night out on the town, prom, a wedding, or a trip to the airport.  It doesn’t matter how many zero’s are added at the end of your salary because limos are an affordable option to rent. Of course, just because you can rent them doesn’t mean that they aren’t expensive! Limousine companies pay a hefty price for some of these luxury vehicles, and they come in a variety of styles, and colors with features you may not even have in your home.Sometimes these limos have features or amenities that really aren’t practical (like a hot tub), yet those features suck people in to choose it over the simple no “bling” classic stretched town car. Limousines have evolved from an extension of a large sedan to the gigantic ultra luxury, ultra stretched exotic limos we see today.

–Stretched Hummers–


 Stretched Hummer limos come in all colors and models from the H2 to the H3 (also known as the baby Hummer). They also come with some pretty sweet features, some capable of holding 25 passengers. Wow! This is what your limo would include:

  • Lighted dance floor
  • Chrome Rims
  • Full chrome mirrored ceiling
  • 2 Plasma TVs
  • Laser light show
  • 20 speakers with subwoofers
  • 8 bar areas
  • Lightening disks in the bars
  • Fiber Optics

And of course, if a Hummer isn’t big enough, you could always opt for the Party Bus capable of carrying 40+ passengers! Party busses have the typical seating arrangement that you’d find in a limo with bench couches down the sides and an open center section. They usually have all of the electronic gadgets that you’d want including TV’s, and Xbox or Playstation gaming systems.

– Pink Limousines–

So if the ordinary black or white limo isn’t doin’ it for ya, try pink! One company I found out of the UK has a whole line of pink limos. They offer a Hummer model, a Pink Jeep Limo, and a Pink Chrysler Hire. They’re typically rented by women, and according to the website are a pretty popular pick.

–Guinness World Records Highest Limousine–

On November 13, 1998, the Guinness Book of World Records deemed a limo made by Gary Duval as the Highest Limousine.  From the ground to the roof it measures 10 feet 11 inches. It has an 8 wheel independent suspension system and utilizes eight monster truck tires.  It also requires two separate engines! Looking at it makes me wonder how on earth someone gets inside! It took over 4,000 hours to complete this monster limo! I wonder if we’ll be seeing it at the monster truck races anytime soon?



– Guinness Book of World Records Longest Limousine–


Next, for the records is the Guinness World Records longest car every built! It measures 100 feet long and has 26 wheels!

It includes:

  • Swimming pool
  • Diving board
  • King-sized waterbed

Now, you’re probably asking yourself how this thing is able to drive on any normal road? Well, it doesn’t hit the streets very often because it’s typically used in films and exhibitions. If by chance it does need to take a real road trip, it can be made to bend in the middle. I don’t think I’d want to be the driver on this one!

There ya have it, a collection of some of the most expensive limousines in all styles and colors. They’ve certainly evolved from the plain town cars of the past, and it doesn’t require a six-figure income!

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  1. Diving board

    A diving board on a limo? Someone is looking to crack their noodle.

  2. Ya know, I wrote that and didn’t even think about how stupid that actually is. What on earth would you need a diving board on a limo for! It’s only a foot or two! :)

  3. If you have a swimming pool you have to have a diving board. It could pose a problem if the car is moving really fast and someone does a dive though…but it’s gotta be a chick magnet. :D

  4. Interesting article Ashley, that Gargoyle Hummer paintjob looks great.

    It’s usually higher end cars (like Bentleys, Mercedes and Rolls) that are the really expensive limos. It requires a lot more technical skill and know how to stretch a Bentley Arnage or Mercedes S550 than a Hummer (plus the cost of the vehicle itself ofcourse).

    The world’s longest limo was stretched by [] and at [] (my site) we get to make some crazy vehicles too (Yes, we have ones with hot tubs, fireplaces and all sorts) :). – Checkout the build section, its worth seeing.

    Also you might find the [] interesting which probably qualifies as one of the world’s most expensive.


  5. Check out their 8 wheeler Hummer… It looks awesome!

  6. Wow, that 8-wheel Hummer is amazing…but I think I like the Corvette a little better simply because of how the doors open.

  7. Spectacular! I like the longest car ever created! So cool! Thank you for the information. Here’s another site you might want to look at to see some more very expensive cars. :P


  8. Now that Guiness Book Limo would have trouble going round the roundabouts here in the UK :)

  9. :mrgreen: :lol:wow…. interesting! 8O

  10. you this shit is crazy cool man i wish i had one i am so jelious but it would be cool if you see like some lambo’s and other sports style 8) 8)

  11. :lol:wow what a big vehicle
    Sukrit Kumar

  12. I wonder if Elvis would be interested in one of these limos with a swimming pool inside. The King would be thrilled, I’m sure.

    Great post!

  13. Yes, the king of rock and roll would have loved that!

  14. Ya, totally, a diving board on a limo is way silly! Ashley, isn’t it funny that you didn’t even realize how stupid that actually is? I mean, it’s only a foot or too! :lol: That cracked me up. But not as cracked as someone’s noodle would be if they tried to dive off that board, right CoryC? ;) especially if the car was moving really fast. that could pose a problem, eh Ryan? :mrgreen:

    Hey Omar, I’m glad you finally brought up Elvis, I don’t know why no one mentioned him earlier. When I heard there was a diving board on a limo, the king of rock and roll was the first thing to pop into my head. Have you seen that video on youtube of elvis drunk and forgetting the words on stage? [] You can tell the king of rock was a party animal, he probably would have came in his pants at the sight of that diving board.
    :twisted: :? 8) :idea: :lol:

  15. The world record limo was at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was located like at a souvenir shop. I’ve had the opportunity of seeing it and it’s really old and shabby. If you look closely it looks like crap because it was made alooooooong time ago. It’s not there anymore :( i guess they took it apart and trashed it.

  16. I think The triple axle hummer limousine is the most exotic limousine but the ferrari limousine is the most expensive.

  17. WOW!! Great, I have never seen the longest car ever created! Soo cool! How great it would be to travel in this car with maximun aminities?!, its really amazing if i just imagine a trip in this car…. anyway thank you for this good information.

  18. I think its totally ridiculous that sum1 is so desperate to build a limo that is barely street legal and you have to close a road just to get the damn thing to turn!! If ur really that dumb…………………. go for it!

  19. I would say that they are kitsch, but as the word seems to have gained noble letters, I’ll set with a word you’ll only hear in Quebec province when speaking about that kind of fluffy, extravagant and ugly things Americans seem to be so fond of… The word is “qu├ętaine”.

  20. why do they build a limo after all these damn vehicles are good for nothing :?: :!:

  21. theses limoos are awsomee!! i want the pink 1 :p lol :P

  22. “How much is that limousine?” :roll:

  23. How can a swimming pool fit in a limo and a diving pool. The gas has to be a lot of money for that thing to drive 8O

  24. it doesnt say how much it cost :|

  25. I thought the guy who made the ferrari limo got in all sorts of trouble. Mental concept though. :lol:

  26. The worlds longest limo was located outside of a Wings Store in Surfside, SC. I noticed last year when I was there it was gone. I then researched it. It was owned by a promotions company that went out of business and left it in a warehouse. The vehicle has been sold to a private owner. Maybe someday it will turn up again, restored…

  27. are y’all sure this ain’t computerized none?

  28. I would really like to see this car being driven on roads where I live in Telford. Also could someone tell me how many miles per gallon it does, and how much it costs to fill it up with fuel ?

  29. If you guys think those cars are wild, you should go to Canada & see what they have up there. One guy has a stretched MG. I have seen all the way far out there wacky limousines. Imagine if you can, a Cadillac that holds 22 poeple, made by Ultra Limousines back in the 60′s/70′s, with a 700 Gallon, 12′ Foot Long Pool where the Trunk should be & it has 5 axles, w/2 in the front & 3 in the rear. Now imagine if you will, an adaptor in the middle, kind of like an extension that is somewhat bendable. Behind that adaptor, you find another duplicate Limousine the same as the one in the front that will hold another 22 people.

    Think you have heard everything? Nope. On top of the adaptor in the middle is a Putting Green.

  30. well ya nice article but i think its almost impossible for swimming or diving etc.

  31. by the way i saw a bigger limo than that

    thanks suport me

  32. Hi, if u made those limos then I will be your biggest fan in the world…………………………………………………

  33. I think the worlds longest limo is totally FAKE!!!!!! A diving board indicates that you can dive, if someone tries to dive they’ll hit their head, because the water can’t be 8 feet deep the standerd diving depth requirement.

    Sincerely, Gavin

  34. :O :O :O i would love yo have the worlds longest limo, i cant belive it have a swimming pool, i want it!!!

  35. Urm the idea of a diving board in a limo is very odd.LOL…..

  36. A swimming pool in a limo it is not wide

  37. I think it’s crazy how many different types of limos there are now. I’ve seen everything from an old Volkswagen Beetle to a pink Hummer. I would like to run a limousine service company because now it’s for everyone and not just rich executives and celebrities! We can all have fun now!

  38. this guy had nothing to do


  40. my mums getting me a limosuine when im nine b-day:27th march 2004

  41. Hey guys you forgot about “The Symbol Of Success” it’s a world’s most expensive car over $60,000,000 it will be stretched Rolls Royce Phantom.

    The Most Expensive Car Ever.

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