Million Dollar Monday

The chances of coming across celebrities and the world famous while traveling by air  are getting slimmer as more of these people opt for their own luxury private jet.  Last week we talked about luxury yachts, which are probably owned by the same crowd that own the world’s most expensive jets! Prices can run well into the tens of millions with amenities most of us could only dream of, like gold-plated bathroom fixtures, hand-woven carpet, original artwork, etc.

One particular jet has crocodile leather trim all throughout including the toilet seat! Yes, the toilet seat! As of June, there were over 219,000 non-commercial airline, non-military planes in the US. Just like the yachts we wrote about last week, it appears that the bigger the jet is, the better.So, here’s what we’ve dug up about the world’s most expensive private jets!

Boeing is pretty well known for their commercial aircraft like the 747.  They also have a line of business jets that are designed and configured to be luxurious.  Some of them include a master bedroom, showers, fancy bathrooms, conference rooms, and dining areas. These particular jets cost anywhere from 42-47 million! Capacity is anywhere from 24-63 people plus 3 crew members. One particular jet (pictures to the right) has 807 square feet available for “working space.” Any business leader would have anything and everything imaginable to keep business running from the air.

Another well known maker of luxury jets is Bombardier with their BD-700 Global Express jet. This particular jet is considered to be “high speed” and is owned by people such as Celine Dion, Bill Gates, Mark Shuttleworth (Ubuntu), and Steven Spielberg. This is a smaller jet in comparison to the Boeing version and can hold anywhere from 8-19 passengers with 2-4 crew members. It has similar features from the Boeing like the separate conference area, living cabin, galley, crew rest area, etc. The price begins at around 45 million!

If I ever make 45 million in my lifetime, I’ll be a happy camper! This type of transportation is certainly for the privileged traveler. There’s nothing like running your business from the air, which these jets are completely capable of doing.  When price is no object, a luxury jet is what your money can buy!