Weekend Warrior

There are all kinds of backpacks that are designed for carrying laptops — meaning they’re padded extra well and they might have a special compartment specifically for the computer.  But what about a backpack that takes catering to your tech toys a little further?  I did a little searching and came across JanSport’s LiveWire line that is more than just your ordinary backpack. The price will certainly bite a little, ranging from $180-$250.

One of the most impressive within the LiveWire line is the Dreamer which requires some AAA batteries (yes, a backpack that requires batteries).  So, what’s so special about it? Well, for starters, on the right side you’ll find controls for an iPod which can easily be slipped into a pouch and connected. Then from there, you can go to the left side to find your Bluetooth-enabled cellphone features. So how would these work together?  While listening to your iPod while on the bus, in a taxi, etc. and your phone rings, the music will automatically pause while you push a button on the left side to answer your phone.  There’s a microphone built right in to the left strap that will pick up your voice– this takes hands free to a whole new level. After you’re done with your conversation, the music will continue playing.

Another backpack in the line is the Maffia which has a headphone port which connects to a CD/MP3 player without having to pull it out of the backpack.  Of course it does include that padded sleeve to keep your laptop protected. They come in an assortment of colors with lots of pockets for all of your gadgets, and a cord pocket will keep all of your wires from tangling up. Other such models with unique looks and features include the Kingpin, Trinity, and the Mullet.

Certainly if you’re wanting to go all out, you’d go for the Dreamer which is the ultimate backpack for connectivity for your iPod and your Bluetooth-enabled cellphone.  Regardless of which backpack you choose, they price will certainly be more than your average backpack.  You can view the entire line with details at