cybersearch logo 096.jpgLast week we released the CyberSearch Firefox extension, and I can’t believe all of the great feedback we’ve received. Dozens of different sites have written about the extension already, and we’ve received over 2,100 downloads. If you like to follow stats as much as I do then you can head on over to CyberSearch’s statistics page that I’ve made publicly viewable. There you can see a pretty graph of the downloads, and it looks like they’ll periodically update how many active daily users there are. Right now there isn’t much data, but as the extension continues to grow it might be interesting to see things like what operating systems people are running it on.

We’ve already gotten over 60 emails with questions regarding bugs, compatibility issues, and recommendations to make the add-on even better. CyberSearch 0.9.6 addresses all of the bug reports that we’ve gotten up until now, and we appreciate everyone who has sent in quirks they’ve found. If you get a spare moment please stop by the review page and leave your thoughts on the add-on. Hopefully we’ll be able to get out of the experimental stage soon!

Also in this release we’ve incorporated the functionality that the Edit Middle extension offered, and part of the reason we decided to do so was because of a compatibility issue with it. What does this feature do? In Firefox 3 when you edit any text in the address bar it won’t show search results unless your cursor is at the end of the text. For example, if you type “cybernnet” into the address bar and go back to remove an “n” Firefox 3 wouldn’t show any results in the drop-down menu. With the Edit Middle extension (and now with CyberSearch) modifying any text in the address bar will trigger the drop-down menu to appear with matching results.

As far as the bug fixes go here’s a list of the most notable ones this release addresses:

  • Pressing the down arrow to select a result now works. This was a problem for those choosing not to have Google results intermingled with the history results.
  • The “unending” loading icon that some people were experiencing has been fixed.
  • There was a compatibility problem with some extensions, such as GooglePreview. CyberSearch should now play nice with all of the extensions. P.S. This wasn’t entirely the fault of our extension, but it was an easy fix.
  • If you choose to show history results even when a keyword is recognized the extension will now ignore the keyword for history results, too. I think this makes more sense, but I might make it an optional thing in a future release.

Download CyberSearch 0.9.6
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