cybersearch101.pngOkay, so I wasn’t thinking that I’d have a new version of CyberSearch so soon, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will stop the flood of emails requesting that I revive the customizable background color feature. Yesterday we released CyberSearch 1.0, and with it came a bunch of new features. Along with that I also scrapped the option to customize the background color of the results.

Why would I get rid of this feature? For a few reasons actually:

  • The new version of the extension put the CyberSearch icon in the upper-right corner of the results making it easy to distinguish without needing a background color. Well, at least that’s I thought, as well as a few other people I asked before releasing the new version.
  • A few people emailed me saying that the default color doesn’t look great on some themes. One thing I’ve always tried to keep in mind while building this extension is what would be best for the users who will never bother to open up the settings.
  • When you upgraded to a new version of CyberSearch the background color you had previously customized would get wiped out.
  • In order to see the updated background color you had to restart the browser, which was a pain for anyone that wanted to try a bunch of colors to see which one they liked the best.

I assumed that people who wanted to customize the background color of the results wouldn’t mind using Stylish, and I provided instructions on how to change the background color using the Stylish extension. That was obviously not what people wanted… they wanted to see the feature back in all its glory.

This isn’t easy for me to say, but I was wrrrr…….ong. There, I said it. Happy?

cybersearch result appearance.png

I’m pleased to say that the customizable background color has returned in CyberSearch 1.0.1! Not only has it returned, but I’ve improved it. In fact I’ve corrected all of the problems I listed above. Your background color preferences is now remembered across all upgrades, and you can see the effects of changing the background color without restarting the browser. There is still no background color by default, but any user that wants to change it will now be able to do so in the CyberSearch settings.

Hopefully this will please everyone, and I apologize to anyone that was upset by me removing this feature. Just take a deep breath… everything will be okay now, I promise. *arms extended waiting for a great big hug*

Grab CyberSearch 1.0.1