cybersearch 102.pngAnother day, another CyberSearch release. ;) Over the weekend I had some time to work on a new CyberSearch feature that I’ve periodically received requests for. Like most features I had to think this one through to ensure that it wouldn’t interfere with the built-in Firefox keyword system.

So what have I added? In CyberSearch 1.0 you might recall that I added an entry onto the bottom of every search results list that would take you to the Google results page. Now we’re making it even easier for you to pull up the Google results page!

When CyberSearch recognizes that you’ve typed in a keyword or domain followed by the Enter key (or Go button) it will instantly take you to the Google search page that shows the same results you were looking at in the address bar. Obviously if you select a result from the drop-down list this feature will be ignored, but pressing Enter without selecting an item from the menu will pull up the Google results page.

This option comes enabled by default, but can quickly be disabled in the settings. You’ll find the option in the General tab:

enter goes to google.png

Keywords that have already been assigned in the browser’s search box will take precedence over any of the ones from our extension. The extension, however, does not look at the keywords you’ve created in your bookmarks, which means CyberSearch will override any of those. For that reason we recommend transitioning your bookmark keywords over to the search box, and I’ve found that the Add to Search Bar extension is useful in doing just that since it will let you add any search box from any site.

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