We wanted to give our readers a heads up that we are officially launching the CyberSearch Firefox extension tomorrow morning, but you can get your hands on it right now! It is based on the original version of AwesomeSearch, which is now called Searchery. We had contacted the developer of that extension with some of the ideas that we had, but unfortunately we never heard back from him. Since we saw just how useful something like this would be we went ahead and developed it.

What is CyberSearch? It makes it possible to perform Google searches right from the Firefox 3 address bar (screenshot below), and you instantly see the top eight results from Google. The real power, however, doesn’t emerge until you start using the keyword system. Using a keyword you can restrict a search to any site(s), such as Wikipedia and/or CyberNet. It’s still using Google to power all of the searches, but you can essentially create a site-specific search engine with our keyword system.

The official launch is tomorrow morning, and that’s when we’ll go through the extension more in-depth. Tomorrow you’ll be able to see a bunch of screenshots, and even watch a video tutorial on how the extension works. Until then here’s a brief list of features for you to chew on:

  • Supports multiple Google Services (web, local, blog, news, and more)
  • Customizable keywords
  • You can restrict searches to specific sites
  • Specify custom icons on a per-keyword basis
  • Alter the appearance of the results
  • Retrieve multiple pages of results
  • Hides typical “history” results when using a keyword
  • and more!

What’s going on in the screenshot below? We’ve created a customized keyword called “w” that we are using to only show results from the English Wikipedia site.


Like what you see? Then go ahead and download the CyberSearch extension from Mozilla. This extension is still experimental, which means you’ll need to login to the Mozilla site before being able to install it. If you don’t have a login you can use a generic one that I’ve created over at Mozilla:

  • Username: firefox@cybernetnews.com
  • Password: cybernetnews

UPDATE: The video demonstration, features, and more can now be found here.