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We released the CyberSearch 2.0.5 Firefox extension this week which includes numerous bug fixes and support for Firefox 3.7 nightly builds, and the Snapback functionality is once again working the way I intended it to. Now when you click the Snapback button in the Address Bar it not only repopulates your search query, but also displays the drop down of the results immediately.

The main thing, however, I want to point out is our greatly enhanced “search this site” functionality. Judging by the feedback I received over the past few months I can now say that one of the most common uses for CyberSearch is to find information on the site your currently viewing. I talked with some friends, ran some ideas by them, and came up with what feels like the perfect solution.

Imagine you’re on a site like the New York Times. Previously if you wanted to search the site you’d have to put your “keyword” at the beginning of the URL, and then move to the end of the URL, type a space, and put in your search terms. Searching the New York Times for “Bill Gates” would mean your Address Bar looked something like this (note that “>” is the default keyword, but can be customized):

> bill gates

Don’t get me wrong, that will still work, but it can now be done in much fewer steps. With CyberSearch 2.0.5 all you have to do is jump up to your Address Bar, and type your keyword followed by your search terms. CyberSearch will automatically recognize that you’re wanting to search the current site, and will show results accordingly. The same New York Times example can now be accomplished by entering this into your Address Bar:

>bill gates

There is still some benefit to knowing the syntax in the first example though. If you’re on, for example, the Wall Street Journal’s site you can still search the New York Times by using any of the following:

> bill gates
> bill gates
> bill gates

Any of those will limit search results from the New York Times regardless of the site you’re currently viewing. CyberSearch 2.0.5 will basically assume that you want to search the current site if a URL is not provided.

Keep your feedback coming! And a big thanks to Peter and Edward who worked with me to resolve a Tab Mix Plus compatibility issue.

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