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Windows has a built-in process explorer that isn’t exactly targeted for power users. It only shows you the basic information that you need and nothing else. If you are want to know more about what’s going on in your computer then you should download the free Process Explorer by Sysinternals.

Process Explorer

You can find out just about everything that you wanted to know. I can even find out the maximum amount of memory that a process has used since it started running. One of the other features that I find really useful is the process’ right-click shortcut that is labeled “Google”. When you click on that option it will open your browser and do a Google Search for the filename of the process. That helps tremendously for identifying any unknown process.

Process Explorer is completely free and best of all it doesn’t make you install it. Just download the file, extract it, and run it! The simplicity of using it makes it an excellent debugging tool when your trying to figure out what’s slowing down your computer.

Operating System Requirements: Windows 9x/Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Server 2003, 64-bit versions of Windows for x64 processors, and Windows Vista.

Download Process Explorer (all are 1.47MB):