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BlueOrganizer is a Firefox extension that will let you bookmark items that you find on sites like Amazon,, eBay, and more. It will read the information that is presented on the page and store images of the item along with several other details.

BlueOrganizer Keeps Track Of Your Gadgets

This free extension is great because you can have your information stored online if you decide to register otherwise it will just store it on your hard drive. If you really get into using the extension you can add your whole movie or CD collection and then publish it as an RSS feed. Then the next time your friends say “what movies do you have” you can point them to your feed and let them find out for themselves. You will find the automated tagging system extremely useful when you are searching for an item that you have already bookmarked. One thing that you might overlook is the ability to add your own tags which makes it easy to organize your bookmarks the way you want. BlueOrganizer isn’t going to be for everyone but is really geared towards the people who want to really organize their collections. Hopefully you will be one of the people that uses the full potential that the extension has to offer. If you want to see BlueOrganizer in action then checkout this screencast demo which walks you through all of the great features. If that still isn’t enough for you then read through their tutorial which shows you more of the great features.