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Tracking Down Great Software For You!

The holidays are coming up and wouldn’t it be nice to know how many days there are until they arrive? To keep track of those upcoming events you should get Timeleft. It will give you a countdown so that you can see how many years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds are left until the event.

Timeleft is free but there is also a paid version available. The main difference is that the free version only lets you have one countdown clock while the paid version will give you an unlimited number. For many people one should be enough but a few years back I decided to purchase the software because they offer free lifetime upgrades, something that is very rare for a software company. For that reason I figured it would be well worth my money and it has been. At the time I only paid $16 for it but it has gone up a little bit to $20 for a single license. Still, for lifetime upgrades that is a bargain.

The free version also lets you have one reminder, clock, sticker, timer, and stopwatch so it is a pretty comprehensive utility. I find it to be both useful and entertaining being able to do the countdowns. I don’t use other portions of the program that much, like the stopwatch, but I have found the timer to be helpful. When you stick something in the oven you no longer have to walk over to see how long is left before it has finished cooking, because the timer can be sitting right on your desktop!

The idea for Timeleft is simple: let people keep track of their most valuable thing, time! It does just that but it does it very well.