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Tracking Down Great Software For You!

We all know what a pain it is to reformat a computer but there is a way that you can make the whole process much simpler. The solution is called nLite and it will make all of your future Windows setups a breeze. With nLite you can create an unattended installation of your Windows which means you won’t have to enter in the product key and other information halfway through the Windows installation process because nLite will have it entered in for you.

Slipstream Windows Using nLite

It doesn’t just stop there though! nLite also has the ability to slipstream hotfixes and service packs right into the installation. You will no longer have to install Windows, then update to Service Pack 2, and then install another 60 Windows Updates! You can download the hotfixes that have been released since SP2 and simply add the 7-zip file into nLite without ever extracting it. Why not have it install some software for you as well…like Firefox? Checkout the add-ons page for a full list of software that they have already prepared to install automatically. Just choose which ones you want to add, download the file, and integrate it into nLite. Everything is really that easy and the only thing you need before hand is your existing Windows CD. After you create your new Windows CD from nLite you will never know how you survived without it :D .