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CrossLoopBack in November we wrote an article that walked through the usefulness of a free application called CrossLoop. In some ways it is like Remote Desktop where you can remotely control a computer, but it has a lot of features you won’t find anywhere else.

The application uses a unique access code that is generated every time you run the program. You can give this access code to another CrossLoop user who can then use it to gain access to your computer. I use this with my family all of the time, because they install this simple application, and when they need help they just give me the access code and I can instantly access their computer.

They can then watch me work on their PC, which is extremely nice for explaining how to do something. And since the access code changes each time the user starts the computer they can rest assured that no one will be able to connect in the future without the new code.

The newest version of CrossLoop, version 1.1, is currently in a closed-beta but I got the chance to play with it (at the end of the article I explain how you can download the Beta). With CrossLoop 1.1 you can share files between the host and the joiner, enable a "View Only" mode, or switch control between the two parties. Here are some more details on how that works:

If you’re joining a session you can:

  • Send/receive files from the person hosting.

If you’re hosting a session you can:

  • Send/receive files with the person joining the session.
  • Switch to "View Only" mode where the person connected to your computer cannot actually take control of anything. They can see what you are doing, but that is about it.
  • Switch control – the host becomes a joiner, and the joiner becomes the host. Both parties will have to approve the switch, but only the host can initiate it. I was impressed that doing a switch took me less than 15-seconds.

Now I’m sure that you want to know what the new version looks like, so I have some screenshots for you! I’ve divided the screenshots up into two categories so that you can see what it looks like when joining a session, and when hosting a session.

Note: Just click on a thumbnail to see a fullsize version. It’s a lot easier to view the screenshots if you have JavaScript enabled, because you’ll be able to navigate through all of the screenshots using the left/right arrows.

–Joining a Session–

CrossLoop CrossLoop CrossLoop CrossLoop

–Hosting a Session–

CrossLoop CrossLoop CrossLoop CrossLoop CrossLoop

–Test the Beta–

This program has greatly changed the way that I help other people, and it’s all done in a way that makes the user feel secure. As I said before the Beta is currently closed to the public, but we have been given permission to open it up to all of our readers! Below you will find the download link, along with a username and password to gain access to the Beta version of CrossLoop 1.1 (which includes all of the features mentioned above).

Download Page: (Expires on Friday July 13, 2007)
Username: xlbeta
Password: filetransfer

They are limiting the amount of time that this Beta version will be available so that they have an adequate amount of time to analyze the feedback before releasing CrossLoop 1.1 in final form. Enjoy the program, and tuck it away somewhere even if you don’t need it right now, because a time will come where this will come in handy.