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PhraseExpress is an amazing little free program that you can download for your Windows machine. It will save you so many keystrokes that you will probably be left wondering how you survived without it! It essentially lets you customize a list of phrases that are available to choose from. Just select the phrase from the menu and it will be inserted into whatever program you’re using.


There are also a lot of ways to insert phrases that are even quicker. The one that I like the best is the keyword expander which lets you type something like “btw” and it will automatically replace it with “By the way.” Microsoft Word has a feature like that called Auto Correct but now you can use it in any application…even when your instant messaging!

Here are just some of the features this free program has:

  • Phrases can be pasted in three different ways:
    • Selecting a phrase from the system tray pop-up menu
    • Entering an Autotext which is expanded to the defined replacement text
    • Entering a hotkey to trigger a phrase
  • Unlimited amount of phrases and folders
  • Unlimited amount of numeric variables with customizable incrementor (e.g. for order numbering or support tickets)
  • Date-/time stamp with customizable format and time-shift option (details)
  • Support of nested phrases (e.g. to use a common footer template phrase for all email phrases) (details)
  • Automatisation of repetitive tasks via the powerful macro language (details)
  • Optional statistics showing you the accurate time savings when using PhraseExpress
  • Optionally deactivation of the CAPSLOCK-key
  • Two text paste methods: Via the Windows clipboard or by simulating individual keystrokes

I just started using this program and is absolutely great! So go ahead and download it.