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Tracking Down Great Software For You!

GMail Manager Firefox Extension Most of the people that I know don’t have just one GMail account because we need one for friends, family, spam, subscriptions, orders, and I am sure the list continues on and on, right? I actually have 8 different GMail accounts along with the multiple email addresses that we have Google for hosting the CyberNet News email. It would be extremely tedious to check all of those email addresses by logging in and logging out manually, but the GMail Manager Firefox extension does all of the work for you.

Several of you have probably already heard about it but the newest version that was just released a few weeks ago has some great features. For starters, it now supports the GMail hosted accounts which means it can check your Website’s emails as well. You’ll also find that it is easy to put all of your accounts on more than one computer with the nifty import/export setting that was added.

Now I would be all set if there was a way to organize the list of accounts. I think I can live without that feature since it saves me so much time!