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Tracking Down Great Software For You!

GIMP is one of the nicest photo manipulation programs that I have ever used…now that I am able to use it. Most people have heard of GIMP at one time or another but you probably brushed it off because you have been a long time Photoshop user. I know I did and after seeing the differences between the two applications I knew that there was no way I would be able to adjust to it.

That is why someone created Gimpshop! Now this isn’t going to be a complete Photoshop clone but it definitely makes it usable for me. The menu structure and naming conventions have been adjusted so that they more closely match the ones that you would find in Photoshop. If you have never used Photoshop before then there is no way that you will understand why this is important.

It had been a long time since I last tried GIMP out so it still took a little getting used to. I actually spent 2-minutes trying to figure out how to open an image :o . Of course, that was one of the harder things to figure out since it is a little deceiving. You’ll notice in the screenshot above that there is a main window which has four menus: File, Edit, Window, and Help. I thought that the New/Open options would be in the File menu but the only option was Exit. Hmm, it then took me 2-minutes to notice that there was also another File menu on the GIMP toolbar located on the left-side of the screen. At least I finally figured it out :D . Everything was a piece of cake once I figured out how to get that file open.

The nice thing about GIMP and Gimpshop is that they are free and you’ll find versions available for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. The Gimpshop author has a very hopeful goal and I hope he succeeds:

And maybe along the way, I can convert a Photoshop pirate into a Gimp user.