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GMarks As many of you know by now I use Google Bookmarks to manage all of my favorite sites. I used to use the Firefox extension called Google Bookmarks Button until I happen to stumble upon GMarks. Unlike the button, GMarks is an extension that will show all of your bookmarks in your sidebar along with a nice search box that will filter your results as you type.

It also has some unique features that make it even more like better than a traditional bookmarking system. It has the ability to support nested folders which is something that Google Bookmarks does not allow by default since it only uses a labeling system. It also has an amazing Quick Find box that can be activated if you press the Home key twice. It will show you a search box along with your bookmark results as you type into the text box.

The most recent update that GMarks received yesterday has made this extension even better by adding some cool things like Google Reader support. Here is a full list of what’s new:

  • Fixed errors in the options window when not using auto signin.
  • Fixed problems adding bookmarks for some users.
  • Fixed small problems with nested labels.
  • Stopped GMarks from validating favicons(Its an option now). Should stop GMarks from freezing or slowing down Firefox for those who had that happen.
  • Fixed Adding Bookmarks with Ctrl+D off.
  • Added Google Reader support(Option to show Google Reader starred items in GMarks) Off by default.
  • Option to hide certain labels from view.
  • Option to set a default label for unlabeled bookmarks.
  • Option to always open bookmarks in a new tab.
  • Updated French translation.

Note: My two favorite updates I put in bold above.

I have only touched on some of the features that GMarks has so make sure you go and check it out for yourself. I was originally very skeptical about using a sidebar for my bookmarks because I am very conscious about wasting screen space, but this is far from a waste in my opinion!

Download the GMarks Firefox extension