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Turning off or restarting your computer will no longer be a pain when you can’t get to your PC. Thanks to a freeware program called Shutter you’ll be able to remotely shutdown a computer or even schedule the computer to turn off after it meets certain criteria.


The image above shows the different options that Shutter has for each drop-down menu. Yes, there are many different things that you can choose from but here is a nice listing of the options:

  • Events you can choose from:
    • Countdown
    • On Time
    • Winamp Stops
    • Low CPU Usage
    • User Inactive
    • Battery Low
    • Window Closes
    • Process Stops
    • Ping Stops
    • File Size Limit
  • Actions you can choose from:
    • Shutdown
    • Reboot
    • LogOff
    • Lock Workstation
    • Sleep
    • Hibernate
    • Monitor Turn Off
    • Mute/UnMute Master Volume
    • Hang Up
    • Alarm
  • It is able to play a custom sound and/or run a program of your choice in addition to the simple shutdown message.
  • Optionally, Shell Links can be created to immediately execute any of the supported actions from the desktop.
  • Web Interface – allows Remote Execution of any Action, it also displays some run-time information about the computer:
    • Logged In User
    • Up Time
    • List of Processes
    • Screenshot of a Desktop
    • Command Line Execution

Shutter Web Interface How is that for an exhaustive list of features? In case you were wondering the Web interface looks like the screenshot to the right.

I mean really, what more would you want this program to do? I’m normally not too picky about freeware applications but this one goes far beyond what I would have expected it to do.

You can view more screenshots of Shutter or download the full program. On the site you’ll find an installation download so that it will run through the typical setup in Windows or you can just download the ZIP file if you don’t want to install anything. That way you can also throw it on a USB drive and use it on whatever computer you want in a matter of seconds!