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Virtual DimensionVirtual desktops seem to be a must for any operating system because they allow you to reduce the clutter that you see on the screen. I have never even seen a distribution of Linux that doesn’t come with virtual desktops built-in. Microsoft even realized the importance of them when they came out with the PowerToy for Windows XP users.

I was disappointed when I found out that Microsoft had no intentions of implementing virtual desktops by default in Windows Vista. I’m sure they will eventually make a compatible PowerToy for Vista but I was looking for a solution that I could use now.

That is when I came across the free Virtual Dimension software which works with Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP. However, I decided to experiment and see if it works in Vista…and it does! I’ve customized it left and right and haven’t come across something that doesn’t work despite it now having been updated in over a year.

I have been playing with all of the features and it is actually really amazing. You can have an unlimited number of virtual desktops, customize the size of the grid (pictured above), and have it switch to the next desktop when you put your mouse on the side of the screen.

Having only used this for a few hours makes me wonder how I didn’t use it before. This is probably one of my favorite pieces of software now!

WOW! I accidentally discovered this menu when you right-click on a taskbar item:
Virtual Dimension Right-Click Menu