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WireNote is a free application that’s available which will manage your to-do list, sticky notes, reminders, and lots of other things. It has an overabundance of configuration options that are almost overwhelming at first, but you’ll come to grips with them.

After I got it up and running the first thing that I wanted to try out on it was the sticky note feature. It is unique because you can attach individual sticky notes to an application, and as you can see in the screenshot below doing so is just a click away. Attaching it to a certain program means that the note will only be displayed when that window is open, and if it isn’t attached to anything it just shows up on the desktop.


One thing that I quickly noticed was that you can create a new note via a customizable hotkey or the System Tray icon. As soon as the new note window popped up it automatically inserted whatever text is on your clipboard, which is a nice touch. With that I can quickly create notes of things I find online.

If that sounds appetizing take a look at some of the other things this can do:

  • ToDos: You can prioritize your ToDos, calculate an exact time you spend for each ToDo, or can view a report with what was done during last few days.
  • Reminders: Reminder can start any program you want, play a sound, shutdown a computer, send a net message to other users, show ToDo or Note, or just show a small window with text.
  • Messages: WireNote can be used as LAN messenger application, instead of standard Windows messaging service for example.
  • Address book: Address book can hold information about other users – their nickname, computer name and additional info.
  • Links: This additional feature can be used for fast reaching different documents and locations. You can create any link (to the web-site or any document from your hard disk, for example) just by dragging file from any file manager or other program and dropping it near the corresponding ToDo or note (or independent "Links" folder) in main window.

This is a lot of stuff to manage, so WireNote includes a central Organizer that keeps tabs on everything for you:


WireNote Homepage & Download
Thanks for the tip Radu!