Google Earth Logo Welcome to Daily Downloads brought to you by CyberNet! Each weekday we bring you the Windows software updates for widely used programs, and it’s safe to assume that all the software we list is freeware (we’ll try to note the paid-only programs).

As you browse the Internet during the day, feel free to post the software updates you come across in the comments below so that we can include them the following day!

–Stable Releases–

The software listed here have all been officially released by the developers.

  • DeskScapes 1.02 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Mirror] [Review]
    Type of Application: Vista DreamScene add-on
    Changes: Power saving feature that automatically turns off the animations when running on battery power, and a new Copper dream is included
  • Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool 1.33 [Homepage]
    Type of Application: Scans a computer for malicious software
    Changes: N/A
  • Process Explorer 11.01 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Mirror] [Review]
    Type of Application: Process manager for Windows
    Changes: Fixes a bug in file save and idle thread display
  • QT TabBar 1.1 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Mirror] [Review]
    Type of Application: Add tabs to Windows Explorer
    Changes: Plugin support, send window to System Tray, and skins
  • Real Alternative 1.60 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Mirror]
    Type of Application: RealMedia Player
    Changes: Media Player Classic updated and some minor changes
  • uTorrent 1.7.5 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Mirror] [Review]
    Type of Application: BitTorrent Downloader
    Changes: Stalled downloads fixed and no more crash from a malformed UPnP response

–Pre-Releases (Alpha, Beta, etc…)–

The software listed here are pre-releases that may not be ready for everyday usage.

  • Google Earth 4.2.0196 [Homepage] [Mirror] [Review]
    Release: Beta
    Type of Application: Desktop map viewer
    Changes: N/A
  • 2.3 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Mirror] [Review]
    Release: Release Candidate 3
    Type of Application: Office Suite
    Changes: Bug fixes