200804291005.jpgThose of you who were checking up on the Daily Downloads today might have noticed something new. For each download that we listed there’s a section stating which platforms they are compatible with: Windows, Mac, and/or Linux. We were going to do just a text-based system for listing the platforms, but we wanted to make it easier for those wanting to glance through real quick.

Ever since we started doing the Daily Downloads back in September 2007 there have been dozens of requests for us to cover downloads from the various platforms. Well, we thought there couldn’t be a better time to start than the day after announcing that we are the proud owners of MacBook Pro’s.

But we’re not going to do this just for the Daily Downloads either! In every article that we do pertaining to software we’re also going to clearly list the operating systems that they support at the beginning of the article. We wanted to develop something that we could be consistent with, and so this is what you’ll want to look for at the start of the articles:

We’ll of course remove the operating systems that aren’t supported, but generally that is what you’ll want to keep your eyes open for.

But now we need your help! Since there are so many different programs out there for the different operating systems we’ll need help keeping up on them all. If you see a new version of an application get released just drop a comment in the last Daily Downloads that was posted, or use the contact form to shoot us an email. We always appreciate any help that you guys and gals can give us!

[post-it note image via NUS]