Desktop AIM Symphony Azureus Logos Icons Welcome to Daily Downloads brought to you by CyberNet! Each weekday we bring you the Windows software updates for widely used programs, and it’s safe to assume that all the software we list is freeware (we’ll try to note the paid-only programs).

As you browse the Internet during the day, feel free to post the software updates you come across in the comments below so that we can include them the following day!

–Stable Releases–

The software listed here have all been officially released by the developers.

–Pre-Releases (Alpha, Beta, etc…)–

The software listed here are pre-releases that may not be ready for everyday usage.

  • AIM [Homepage] [Mirror]
    Release: Beta
    Type of Application: Instant messenger
    Changes: N/A
  • Azureus [Homepage] [Mirror] [Review]
    Release: Beta
    Type of Application: File sharing
    Changes: Added “All Peers” view, and some bug fixes
  • Lotus Symphony [Homepage] [Mirror] [Review]
    Release: Beta
    Type of Application: Office suite
    Changes: N/A