Opera Firefox OpenOffice Pidgin Welcome to Daily Downloads brought to you by CyberNet! Each weekday we bring you the Windows software updates for widely used programs, and it’s safe to assume that all the software we list is freeware (we’ll try to note the paid-only programs).

As you browse the Internet during the day, feel free to post the software updates you come across in the comments below so that we can include them the following day!

–Stable Releases–

The software listed here have all been officially released by the developers.

  • Calgoo 1.1.0 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Review]
    Type of Application: Calendar management
    Changes: Redesigned dialogs, extended launch options, calendar sync indicator, and more
  • Flock 0.9.1 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Review]
    Type of Application: Web browser
    Changes: 200 bug fixes ranging from the blog editor all the way to the feed reader
  • OpenOffice.org 2.3 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Mirror] [Review]
    Type of Application: Office suite
    Changes: Enhanced 3D chart designs, enhanced AutoSum feature, and more
  • Pidgin 2.2.0 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Mirror] [Review]
    Type of Application: Instant messenger
    Changes: Bug fixes
  • Process Explorer 11.02 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Mirror] [Review]
    Type of Application: Process manager for Windows
    Changes: Fixes bugs in column set and NT 4 TCP/IP tab functionality
  • TagScanner 5.0.515 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Mirror] [Review]
    Type of Application: Media tagger
    Changes: Bug fixes
  • Total Commander 7.02a [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Mirror] [Review]
    Cost: $34.00
    Type of Application: Windows Explorer replacement
    Changes: Fixes a few bugs only detected after the public release
  • Ultra-Pad 2.1.3 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Mirror]
    Type of Application: Word processor
    Changes: Toolbar uses themes and some bug fixes were included

–Pre-Releases (Alpha, Beta, etc…)–

The software listed here are pre-releases that may not be ready for everyday usage.

  • FileZilla 3.0.1 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Mirror] [Review]
    Release: Release Candidate 1
    Type of Application: FTP
    Changes: Configure time & date formatting, new confirmation dialogs, and several bug fixes
  • Firefox [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Review]
    Release: Release Candidate 2
    Type of Application: Web browser
    Changes: Fixes severe Firefox & QuickTime vulnerability
  • Google Earth 4.2.0198 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Mirror] [Review]
    Release: Beta
    Type of Application: Mapping application
    Changes: Space Navigator support for sky, and a few bug fixes
  • Opera 9.5.9523 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Review]
    Release: Post-Alpha
    Type of Application: Web Browser
    Changes: Bug fixes
  • TeraCopy 1.25 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Mirror] [Review]
    Release: Beta 2
    Type of Application: File transfer manager
    Changes: Option to run CRC test when file transfer is complete, shutdown after file transfer, and 64-bit support added