GigaTribe Notepad   WordPress Welcome to Daily Downloads brought to you by CyberNet! Each weekday we bring you the Windows software updates for widely used programs, and it’s safe to assume that all the software we list is freeware (we’ll try to note the paid-only programs).

As you browse the Internet during the day, feel free to post the software updates you come across in the comments below so that we can include them the following day!

–Stable Releases–

The software listed here have all been officially released by the developers.

  • BitMeter II 3.5.4 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Mirror]
    Type of Application: Bandwidth Meter
    Changes: Bug fixes
  • Disk Heal 1.38 [Homepage] [Mirror]
    Type of Application: Cleans up viruses and disk problems
    Changes: N/A
  • DVDFab HD Decrypter [Homepage] [Mirror]
    Type of Application: DVD copier
    Changes: N/A
  • GigaTribe [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Review]
    Type of Application: File sharing
    Changes: Bug fixes and improvements
  • Media Player Classic [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Mirror]
    Type of Application: Media Player
    Changes: Applied some patches and changes a few default settings
  • Note-It [Homepage] [Mirror]
    Type of Application: Desktop notes
    Changes: Added option where new notes will prompt to be saved if needed
  • Notepad++ 4.3 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Review]
    Type of Application: Notepad replacement
    Changes: Bug fixes
  • Process Monitor 1.23 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Mirror]
    Type of Application: Process monitor
    Changes: This update adds a new option, /WaitForIdle, to better support scripted execution. It also adds the /HookRegistry switch for forcing Process Monitor to use Registry hooking on Vista, which enables Process Monitor to see SoftGrid virtual Registry operations.
  • WordPress 2.3 [Homepage] [Release Notes] [Review]
    Type of Application: Content management system
    Changes: Tags, update notifier, advanced WYSIWYG, and more

There Are 5 Comments

  1. WordPress is cool, but since I am a computer science student and one of quotes that a teacher told me has stuck with me is “Why use someone else’s software when you can make your own!” yeah I know that is the way the Linux community works. ;)
    To make the long story short, I am currently working on mine own blogging software just to increase my experience in web developing.

    Pretty good list, Media Player Classic works like a charm with everything I throw at it.

  2. That sounds pretty interesting Mohan. I work off of WordPress because it offers a secure backend, and then I just program on top of it. That way I get the experience in addition to the rich feature set that it already offers. But it has crossed my mind on multiple occasions to create my own blogging platform.

  3. I go by the saying – “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” or “no need to reinvent the wheel.” :)

  4. Gigatribe is great, I use it regularly to swap entire folders of files with friends…

  5. Jesse wrote:
    Gigatribe is great, I use it regularly to swap entire folders of files with friends…

    I’ve got it installed but don’t have many other people using it yet. I gotta get more friends setup on it!

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