google calendar redesigned.png
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There were quite a few of you who were fond of the dark Gmail theme that we wrote about a few months ago, and since then it has received some significant updates to make it even better. Now there is a very similar theme that is designed for Google Calendar, and it’s created by the same people who made the Gmail version. I have to admit that it transforms Google Calendar into a rather slick interface.

You’ll want to have the Stylish Firefox extension installed before trying to use the theme, and after that you’re just a click away from having the new look that you see in the screenshot above. From what I can tell everything has been skinned including adding new events and managing your settings.

I’m normally not a big fan of dark themes like this, but with Google Calendar I feel that it works very well. The colors really stand out, and everything flows very smoothly. I can only imagine how much time the designers had to spend working on this, and they definitely deserve credit for their excellent work.

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