It’s the day before the official consumer launch of Vista, and as expected, there are a few Vista related items in the news. Here’s a quick rundown…

–New Windows Homepage Launched–

Microsoft is preparing themselves for the release of Vista by launching a new Windows homepage with a complete new look. This site also replaces the previous site which was the place for all Vista related information.

They proudly display the new Vista Orb along with their slogan, “The “Wow” starts now.” You’ll notice glass effects, and a Windows Media player 11 -like main menu. You’ll also find a lot of helpful information there that will help you determine if Vista is right for you computer, and if so, which version you’d want. Helpful links:

Source: MsTechToday

–New Vista PCs with Backlit Orbs–

While this may seem a little ‘Appleish’ with the backlit orb proudly displayed on the casing, these custom built PCs were given to some of Microsoft partners (most likely execs) so that they could demonstrate all of the functionality and features of Windows Vista.

Microsoft partnered with ASUS for this one:

  • Widescreen tablet PC
  • Runs Vista Ultimate with Aero Glass
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Smart card reader for login
  • Intel Centrino and Core2Duo technology

While you won’t be finding these for sale anywhere, “it’s a nice example of what PC OEMs can do when motivated,” says Sean Alexander who works for Microsoft.

Source: Addicted to Digital Media [via I Started Something]

–Dell Selling Vista on all but two Machines–


Dell is currently selling Vista on all but two of their machines, and they’ll begin shipping them tomorrow.  If you go to today to purchase a machine, Vista will be available on every computer except the XPS 710 ($1,999) and the XPS 710 H2C ($5,499).  Both of those computers are higher end, and Lionel Menchaca, the Digital Media Manager over at Direct2Dell says that they’re still doing some testing on the high-end graphics card drivers.They will be shipping Vista in English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese, and will be adding other languages over time.


Source: Thanks MetaMan!

–Bill Gates Live Webcast–

Today at 1:45 PST or 4:45 EST, Bill Gates will be hosting a live Webcast from Times Square in New York City. 

 “The celebration pays tribute to the millions of Microsoft customers, partners and product testers around the world who provided input and feedback on these products — helping Microsoft transform the way people communicate, create and share content, and access information and entertainment in the new digital age.”

Additional information can be found here if you’re interested.

–CyberNet’s Vista Stuff–

We’ve been following Vista since forever now, so it’s only appropriate that we put together our own Vista Review/Guide.  Ryan and I spent a good portion of the weekend playing with Vista, and taking lots and lots of screenshots.  We’re going for a simple, but complete visual guide. Pictures are always more fun anyways :) So, expect that tomorrow.

And finally, as our own Vista Launch Day celebration, CyberNet will be giving away one copy of Microsoft Vista Ultimate, and one copy of Microsoft Office 2007 Professional. The contest will start tomorrow (Tuesday) and run until Friday… keep your eye out :)