One of the things that set Facebook apart from MySpace in the “early days” was the simplicity factor.  Every Facebook page contained nearly the same categories of content and in the same order. It was clean and simple unlike MySpace pages which are notoriously known to be full of clutter and have a bad design. Once all of the Facebook applications started to become popular though, Facebook lost its “clean” look as people added application after application to their page. Now you can find yourself scrolling through endless apps on your friend’s pages just to find what you’re looking for.  Even the users themselves have a hard time keeping track of their own applications!

To help with this issue, Facebook has launched their tool which will help users “de-cluterize” their profile.  It essentially allows the user to move some of their application boxes to an “extended portion” of their profile that can be accessed with a simple click.  This means that pages will load faster, and will look better. Hallelujah!

extended profile

So how do you create your extended profile? Just go to Facebook and scroll to the bottom of your profile.  There you’ll see the link for “edit extended profile.” Just click on that, and then a box will appear that tells you how many boxes you have on your profile, and then each application box is  listed out. You can check the boxes that you want to appear in your extended profile, and then click “move boxes.” Then when your friends come to your page, they can click “Show More Profile Boxes” to see all of your content.

Ahh… at last Facebook is simplified again!

Source: Thanks for the tip Andrew Min!