Hey Google, remember that Google Talk application you have? Yeah, the one that keeps getting ignored? You launched it back in 2005 and added a few features in 2006 (offline messaging and voice mailing), but since then it seems you’ve just forgotten about it. Now it looks like you’re focusing all of your efforts on Gmail Chat and the flash based Google Talk gadget for personalized homepages. Here we thought your next move would be a big update for Google Talk, but boy, were we wrong.

group chat Imagine our disappointment this morning when we realized that you’ve added group chat and rich emoticons to none other than Gmail Chat. We’re more convinced than ever that you’ve simply forgotten about our favorite messaging service. Have you? Let this be your kind reminder that there are still  lots of us who prefer the desktop application over the web app. The only thing we have that the others don’t is file sharing and voice communication… that’s it!

emoticons The new group chat feature in Gmail Chat sure is nice, and the selection of emoticons with two new styles is great too. It would be oh so nice to have those features in Google Talk, really.  Please Google, give our favorite messaging service a little tender loving care… it’s in desperate need of it!

Hugs n’ Kisses…

Neglected Google Talk Fans

Source: Official Gmail Blog