defrag computer.png

Earlier this week the first Beta release of Defraggler 2.0 was posted, which is a pretty big milestone for the software. This defragmentation utility is freely available, and this update serves as the first major milestone in nearly three years (Defraggler 1.0 Beta debuted back in November 2007). Interestingly enough the list of new features isn’t all that long, but when you’re talking about a Windows defragmenter program a lot of what you’ll want to see are things that happen behind-the-scenes.

The list of new features include:

  • Offering complete offline defrag during the boot process with full OS support
  • UI has been improved with a new Drive Map and customizations
  • Rearchitected the internal defrag processes to make it faster and more efficient

While that list is short the last bullet encompasses a pretty big overhaul, and I see the boot-time defragmenting as a nice feature since it can be set as a one-time thing or at every boot. If you choose to use that option your machine will defrag before you even login to your system, which may mean that it will be able to reorganize some of the files on your system that would have otherwise been unmovable.

I look forward to them polishing this up a bit more, but in my brief tests this Beta worked well. Keep in mind that they don’t have this packaged as a portable release yet like they offer for their latest stable version, which may mean that some of you will want to hold off a bit if you were wanting to throw this on a USB drive.

Defraggler 2.0 Beta Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)