We know that many of you who are long-time users of the del.icio.us extension for Firefox haven’t made the upgrade to Firefox 3 yet because a compatible version of the extension hasn’t been released. In fact, it was a few days ago that “jason” in the comments was wondering if we knew when del.icio.us would be upgrading their bookmarks extension. Ryan responded and speculated that the reason development for Firefox 3 has been going a little slow is to give the “big” extensions time to get a Firefox 3 compatible version released. Del.icio.us is certainly one of those “big” extensions.

The Good News today is that the del.icio.us team has finally gotten around to releasing a beta version of the add-on for Firefox 3. On their announcement they go through some of the new features which include:

  • Jump to tag feature allows you to quickly access tags and bookmarks using the keyboard
  • New layout for saving bookmarks
  • Preferences now in a separate dialog under Tools
  • Status bar indicators for network activity, new links for you, and the del.icio.us website
  • Classic mode for users who just want simple buttons without the overhead of sync

Yahoo! Search Blog_ Better Bookmarks for Firefox 3.png

To those of you who have been waiting to upgrade to Firefox 3 because you were waiting for del.icio.us, go ahead and take the plunge! Here are the links that you’ll need:

What other extensions are you waiting on before you make the upgrade?