Dell 2405FPW 24 Inch Monitor For $879.99 At Costco

Costco currently has the Dell 2405FPW 24″ Monitor For $879.99 and while this may not be the best deal around, it is so great because of Costco’s return policy:

If you have receipt and product (even if it’s damaged, dead pixels, leaking, etc) you can return it in 20 years (but realistically try to keep it to no more than 5)

I have no way to confirm this policy because I have never used it before but someone mentioned this on SlickDeals. I am, however, a current owner of this 24″ monitor and it would be hard not to have it now. I highly recommend it to anyone even considering it. This gives you the most screen space for your buck, where the Dell 30″ monitor just gives you the most screen space!

News Source: SlickDeals