Dell 2407WFP Monitor For Sale In The U.S.

I just received a Dell catalog in the mail and noticed that it had the 2407WFP 24″ monitor. This meant that it was on sale in the United States so I went on Dell’s site and noticed they have it on there as well. It currently says that it will ship in 5-7 days which isn’t too bad considering that they just released it to the United States.

I have the 2405FPW 24″ monitor and it is wonderful. You would be surprised at how nice it is especially for those people that do photo or video editing. It is definitely a product that I would recommend if you have the cash to do it. If you don’t care about getting the new version of the monitor then you can get the 2405FPW for $710 right now. The huge savings is probably worth getting the older LCD.

Dell 2407WFP Homepage